Chinese Exiled Billionaire Guo Wengui Exposes China’s abuse of the Uyghurs:

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Comrade Mengjianzhu, I know your vices are women and booze. You played with so many young Uighur girls in Xinjiang. Please answer Mr Mengjianzhu, how many people did you killed in Xinjiang?

Majian (former deputy minister of Homeland Security) told me that to celebrate your new position as Minister of Public Security, you ordered the killing of more than 1000 Uighurs under the pretext of a crackdown on terror. How many people did you bury in Xinjiang?

That is unimaginable evil. Do you think I’m not aware of the dispute between you and Zhang Chun Xian (former party head of Xinjiang)? Don’t I know what Zhang Chun Xian says about you? Don’t I know what you did against Zhan Chun Xian? I know every detail of your activities in Xinjiang.

Someone from Homeland Security has been keeping in touch with me. I was the person who built relations with high leval offiicals in Pakistan, including the President and Prime Minister at that time. You know this Mr. Meng Jianzhu. You killed so many people in Xinjiang. You’ve buried so many people alive in Xinjiang.

You’re so dirty, you kill the Uighur people and still play around with Uighur girls. Fuzhenghua, your deputy minister, followed your bad example and also plays around with female police officers from Xinjiang. Party leaders like you have spoiled the reputation of the party and brought devastation to the country.


I always want to talk about Xinjiang. As you know, the former deputy minister of Homeland Security Majian was in charge of Xinjiang. There are so many events you don’t know of. I have seen many videos about Xinjiang. The miserable people of Xinjaing lead a life of suffering. I can’t describe how pitiful it is. The number of deaths unaccounted for are increadibly high. You don’t’ have access to information about it…crowds of people were buried one after another. How could you know about this?

Xinjiang is a hell, a hell 24 hour a day, 360 days a year. It is a frightening tragedy.

Why does the Chinese mouthpiece Global Times not report this? Why doesn’t Global Times report on HaiHang Airlines? On Xinjiang and Tibetan issues? Where are the mineral resources of Xinjiang going? Where is Xinjiang’s water and subsidies?

What can the people of Xinjiang do now for a living except farming? Whatever they want to do, the people of Xinjiang face barriers and restrictions… imposed against Uighur people of Xinjiang everywhere. They can’t board a train without being subject to a body security check.

Some members of our family have friends from Xijiang. I know how difficult it is to go back to see them. Oh my goodness. To speak honestly, people always say Chinese citizens are treated like pigs and dogs, but the people of Xinjiang and Tibet don’t even have the opportunity to be treated like pigs and dogs. I feel great pity for them.


Sunlijun, how can you lead a peaceful life after killing so many people and playing around with so many women? Don’t you know how it ended for Ni Li She? (another corrupted official)

Where is your blood coming from?…

Why are Mengjianzhu’s family members so healty… organ transplants? Where did Mengjian Zhu get the organs for his family members? What’s your blood source? How did you get it? Where did their livers, kidneys, come from? You killed a 21-year-old boy from Xinjiang in Beijing. He came to Beijing for just a few days and you framed him for rape. If he actally committed rape, then who’s the victim? Tell me, who is the victim of that rape? You killed him for his organs.

Why have so many Uyghur people disappeared in Beijing? Who did it? Where did their livers and kidneys go? Who did this?

Have you recorded what you’ve done? Can you show us what you did in all of those hospitals to harvest organs – livers and kidneys? The most pitiful and vulnerable victims of the organ harvest and trafficking are the Uighurs from Xinjiang. Uyghurs from Xinjiang are like mice in your eyes… you kill as many as you can.

Do you think I don’t know of the conflict between you Mengjianzhu and Zhang Chun Xian? You quarrled with the Xinjiang Secretary about a bloody even there. You wanted to kill 500 people – including the family members of the people involved in the incident there. You ordered them to be buried alive. This is your doing Mengjiangzhu… and you shifted the blame on the Uighurs for the bloody even that happened there.


At that time, the Ministery of Homeland Security provided information saying that incident was not carried out by Uighurs, but told them to shut up and that it was Uighurs who did it.


One of my friends from Jiangxi asked me: Do you know how many people Mengjiangzhu has killed so far? And I asked him: How much do you know?
He said: After I saw what he did to innocent people so many times, I though that there is no concept of killing or murder in his mind, that just like a butcher who has no fear for blood after killing so many animals, he doesn’t recognize the value of the lives of others. He doesn’t care about what Buddism says about the killing of innocent people. Ther eis only one command in his heart: kill! Kill anyone I don’t like. He does not believe there is any power that can stop or challenge his authority in the Chinese government.

So at last Mengjiangzhu defaeated his senior, Zhou Yang Kang. Zhou Yang Khang was very late to challenge him. He knows everything, every crime Mengjiangzhu has committed. What I am saying is that Zhou Yang Kang knows everthing that happened before he was arrested. He had a strong fantasy to expect another opportunity from the state and party.

Once, a senior leader of the party met with Zhou Yang Kang and I was there. He said to Zhou Yang Kang: Mengjiangzhu wants to arrest you, what would you do? Zhou Yang Kang burst into laughter and said: do you know how many carfuls of gold I have sent to the senior leaders? Jiang Zemin, senior and new members of the political bureau who do not have a few carfuls of gold? Which one of them has not committed the crime of killing people? All of them have transplant livers and kidneys… if not from Uyghur youth, where could they get them? All of them have the organs of young Uighur people. You want to kill me? How can you do that? I will be your downfall.
The senior leader sold out Zhou Yang Khang and relayed the conversation to Jiang Zemin and other senior party members.



During his first press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC on October 5, 2017, Guo Wengui said the following [1,1:34]:

I have been good friends with the former Vice-Minister of China’s State Security Ministry Mr. Ma Jian for a long time. He was also in charge of Xinjiang affairs.

He shared a great amount of classified information about the real situation in Xinjiang with me. The events that have occurred in Xinjiang are much much more horrifying that what the outside world – that is the general Chinese public and Western media – know about the Uyghurs. I will provide to the US government information so that the government can understand the true situation of the Uyghur people in Xinjiang and the Tibetan people in Tibet. I truly believe that the information I provide will reveal the true faces of and the lies spread by the country-selling cirminals. This is very important because what the Chinese govnerment has done to the Uyghur and Tibetan peoples are against humanity and nobody believes it.

After I give them the information, the US government may change its polilcies on Tibet and Xinjiang. I believe the US govenrmetn cannot rely only on negotiations with the Chinese government. Instead it needs to take real action.


About Guo Wengui

Guo Wengui (郭文贵) was born on Feburary 2,1967.  He is also known under the names Guo Wen Gui, Guo Haoyun (郭浩云) and Miles Kwok. He is a Chinese billionaire businessman who later became a political activist. He controls Beijing Zenith Holdings (via proxies Li Lin and Jiang Yuehua) and other assets. At the peak of his career, he was the 73rd richest person in China.

Since January 23, 2017, Guo has accepted multiple interviews with media, such as Mingjing, VOA and BBC. Guo also started a campaign of exposing corruption among some of the highest officials in China on his Youtube and Twitter accounts through live videos. On April 20, 2017, Guo’s three-hour live interview with VOA was abruptly terminated by VOA.  During the interview, English language media, including the New York Times, Financial Times and Forbes also reported about Guo and his campaign.

He has been exposing many corruptions among the highest Chinese officials and

the following content about Uighur people were translated from his speeches in Chinese.





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