An Eye-Witness’ Testimony on “Ethnic Cleansing” in Uyghur Homeland

by Torchlight Uyghur Group

The increased crackdown measures of the Chinese government towards Uyghurs under their new regulation called ‘de-extremization’ resulted in ‘ethnic cleansing’. One of such examples is Abdurehim’s story who lives in Turkey in exile after found it extremely difficult to live under Chinese pressure in China’s Uyghur region.

Mr Abdurehim is a practicing Uyghur Muslim man who had 6 children and lived in Kashgar until the year 2013. He has served nearly 3 yrs imprisonment between 1997 and 2000 only because he offered prayers while attending his university and taught some others about islamic belief. He chose to flee from China because the local police kept close eyes on him wherever he went and asked him to report his whereabouts once in a week. His wife and children lived with Abdurehim’s parents and his younger brother. Considering his safety and the hope of going back to his family after some
time, once the pressure on ordinary Uyghur households decreased, he left China with one of his son to a neighbouring country. He was not able to travel further because of his visa issue. So, he sorted his son’s visa first and sent him to Turkey by accompanying with another Uyghur man and thought he may reunite them soon. However, when the time Abdurehim made his journey to Turkey, he could not find them and became very destitute. Later, he heard that the man who brought Abdurehim’s little boy disappeared in Turkey and went to some war zones nearby. While he was looking for his son, Abdurehim heard some more tragic news that happened to his family back home. Local Chinese police sentenced his wife for 17 yrs imprison with the suspicion of supporting Abdurehim fled the country. Until now he doesn’t know her whereabouts. His dad and brother were also sentenced for about 10 yrs, respectively. In such situation, the only person who could look after Abdurehim’s young children is his aged mother who has been suffering from poor health condition and need to stay on bed. Later on, the police has brought his eldest daughter with the excuse of ‘re-education’ and left her 4 younger siblings of aged between 1-7 with Abdurehim’s ill mother. As no one in his family was able to properly take care of these little children, two of them had a serious traffic accident while they were playing outside. One of them died straight after the incident and the other one was heavily injured, and soon died too as no money to send him to hospital for treatment. Until today, Abdurehim has no idea where his other two children are and he can’t ask from his relatives about what is going on there, as some of his relatives were also been sentenced with unknown charges based on local oppressive regulations.

This is one of the numerous happenings in the Uyghur families of Xinjiang Uyghur region in recent years. Similar reports can be found at

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3 Responses to An Eye-Witness’ Testimony on “Ethnic Cleansing” in Uyghur Homeland

  1. Ablikim Mijit says:

    Of course we believe you that you will help for uyghurs and wait your answer unpatiently


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