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Chinese Exiled Billionaire Guo Wengui Exposes China’s abuse of the Uyghurs:

Torchlight Uyghur Group Email: Twitter: @torch_uyghur Facebook:  1 Comrade Mengjianzhu, I know your vices are women and booze. You played with so many young Uighur girls in Xinjiang. Please answer Mr Mengjianzhu, how many people did you killed in … Continue reading

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An Eye-Witness’ Testimony on “Ethnic Cleansing” in Uyghur Homeland

by Torchlight Uyghur Group The increased crackdown measures of the Chinese government towards Uyghurs under their new regulation called ‘de-extremization’ resulted in ‘ethnic cleansing’. One of such examples is Abdurehim’s story who lives in Turkey in exile after found it … Continue reading

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